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Everyday Flowers

Over the past few years, we've collected a good library of the arrangements created for a 'deal of the day' orders. We've decided to open up a DOD page, featuring them, and adding our explanation for the advantages of this type of orders for you, our customer, and us – the Blooming Grove Flowers. To save on maintenance, we've listed all four seasons' arrangements on this page... Enjoy, and please read listed below. Thank you.

Deal of the Day:
1. 'The same day' online order delivery availability (except when booked, or major holidays);
2. Our freedom to design unique arrangements from the most beautiful and freshest seasonal flowers at hand;
3. Giving considerably more than was paid for, as our appreciation for your trust;
4. These arrangements, uploaded to our website, demonstrate our skills and new design possibilities, working as our advertisement.
Please order online, or call 847-215-7770 if assistance is needed. Thank you.